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How It Works

Geringhoff products include a factory sponsored Limited Warranty and this represents one of the finest warranties available in the agricultural equipment industry. At Harvest Guard, we provide Geringhoff equipment repair and replacement coverage after your Geringhoff Limited Warranty has expired and this continues until 60 months after your Geringhoff machine’s In-Service date. Harvest Guard Coverage Terms and Conditions are virtually identical to the Geringhoff Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Premium costs are based on the size of your Geringhoff machine and the date you purchase Harvest Guard Coverage. The current one-time premium rates are as follows:


  • If purchased at time of original equipment sale or within 30 days of delivery to consumer.

Example:   8 row Geringhoff = 8 x $325 = $2600 one time premium


  • If purchased after 30 days of delivery and before expiry of original manufacturers 2 year warranty.

Example:   8 row Geringhoff = 8 x $425 = $3400 one time premium

Coverage Rate Guide Harvest Guard Brochure

To purchase Coverage, simply login to HarvestGuard.com. The sign up process is quick and simple and can be completed with basic machine information including serial number and in-service date. Our website will generate all the documentation required and allows you to pay online with credit card or to generate an invoice if you prefer to mail in a check for payment.

Once we receive your payment and the in-service date and serial number are confirmed, you’ll receive a welcome package and Harvest Guard Coverage certificate by mail.

When it comes time to make a claim, you or your dealer will visit the Harvest Guard website and enter your serial number to initiate an online process. You can also contact us by phone to initiate the process for you. You or your dealer will be provided with a claim reference number and with Harvest Guard Coverage you are free to choose any authorized Geringhoff dealer in North America for your repair work.