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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Harvest Guard Coverage?

Harvest Guard Coverage is sold through all Authorized Geringhoff Dealers or you can purchase directly online at www.harvestguard.com

Can I finance the Harvest Guard Coverage when I finance my original Geringhoff equipment?

Yes! Please contact your Geringhoff Dealer for financing options. You can also choose to pay directly by credit card online or we can send you an invoice by email or mail.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, each claim has a low deductible of $100 however there are no other claiming fees such as co-insurance amounts or processing fees.

Will I have a long wait to be reimbursed?

There are no out of pocket expenses other than the $100 deductible. All approved costs are paid directly to the repair facility.You will remit the deductible payment to the repairing dealer when your Geringhoff is repaired.

Is Harvest Guard Coverage transferable?

Yes. Harvest Guard Coverage is completely transferable for the balance of the original Agreement on resale of the machine. A $100 Transfer fee applies and you can transfer your Harvest Guard Coverage online at www.harvestguard.comThis supports the value at trade-in, sale or auction. Authorized Geringhoff Dealers are automatically eligible to transfer the Harvest Guard Coverage (subject to the Transfer Fee) but if you decide to sell your Geringhoff machine to anyone other than an Authorized Geringhoff Dealer a Harvest Guard representative will be retained to provide proof of insurability inspection prior to transference. Note that the original Geringhoff Limited Warranty is not transferable but the Harvest Guard Coverage is transferable to future owners of your machine. See Harvest Guard's Terms and Conditions for details.

What do I receive when I register?

Upon completion of your online registration you will receive a link to print out a Harvest Guard Coverage Certificate. Your Certificate is your proof of purchase and will identify your machine’s serial number and the term of Coverage.

How do I submit a claim?

Click on the “File A Claim” link at www.harvestguard.com and enter your serial number. This can be done by you or your dealer

What information is required to submit a claim?

Contact Harvest Guard at time of incidence or at first notice of defect. Photos are mandatory before attempting repairs or service especially on seals and/or gearboxes or components. Also include part numbers & labor hours and rate, description of failure, reason, and corrective action taken. Retain any defective or damaged parts if removed or replaced.

What’s Covered?

Harvest Guard covers defective material, components and workmanship and manufacturing faults on part of the manufacturer. This coverage applies from the first day the original Geringhoff Limited Warranty ends until the 60th month after the original date of delivery to the original purchaser. This includes (but is not limited to); row unit gear boxes, driveline gear boxes, plastic components, frame materials and weldments, hydraulic systems, auger drive chains, lighting, augers, bearings, electrical monitors and more.

View the complete Harvest Guard Coverage Terms and Conditions

What is Not Covered?

Any services, parts or loss incurred due to equipment abuse or misuse. Anything other than material defect or workmanship by the manufacturer. Any negligence of the owner/operator which causes damage including failure to conduct regular maintenance and failure to replace or adjust standard wear items; defects or failure due to use or handling of the machine for purposes other than which the machine was intended for; damage as a result of overload, flood, earthquake, fire, extreme weather conditions (acts of God), animals, war and insurrection; as a result of unauthorized services; claims not reported within 30 days of malfunction.

Responsibilities of the Geringhoff equipment owner

The equipment owner shall be responsible for the machine to be used as intended. All instructions and notes given in the operating manual for the maintenance, care and operation shall be followed and observed for the duration of the original Geringhoff Limited Warranty and the term of the Harvest Guard Coverage. The customer is responsible for reviewing the Terms and Conditions of the Harvest Guard Coverage.

Notice of damages and/or failure shall be given not later than 30 days from the date of the occurrence by means of the online claim management tool provided on the www.harvestguard.com site. Note that only electronic claims will be accepted via the form provided by Harvest Guard. Claims submitted after the 30 day period may not be accepted.

Can I track my claims progress?

Our easy to understand Harvest Guard online claim filing system allows you to make your claim online, view its progress or access our customer service team for assistance.